Here are some tools and products that I’ve found helpful. These are suggestions to help you feel optimal. I am not a doctor. I do not prescribe. These recommendations are only suggestions. You are free to do or not do as you see fit. I hope the suggestions help you! Unless otherwise noted, I personally have used the brands listed. Because sellers and stores on amazon shift and change over time, I can’t vouch for any one listing.

My favorite air purifier is this Winix model. I love it so much I have one at home and one in the office! It has a feature called ‘plasmawave’ that uses negative and positive ions to rearrange the chemical structures of particles, breaking molecular bonds, thereby destroying any virus or other baddy whiffing through the air. And it’s wicked quiet.

Lacrosse Balls are super helpful to work out knots. I really like this double-ball since it fits well for most people’s neck, bottom of head, and low back.

Thera Cane is a tool that gets into those hard-to-reach places and lets you leverage your strength to release trigger points and knots. It’s a must-have when you constantly feel tight and stuck. They are so great, I’ve even worked with people who kept their Thera Cane at their desk or in their pack so they can release some tension during the day.

PTs love to build strength in postural muscles. That’s why you may get told to do more balancing exercises. This wobble board is pretty great. I used this one for a couple years, usually while I was at work in the old office where I wrote federal grant proposals.

Need a foam roller? This linked roller is a standard that is cost effective and works well. I use this same one at home! Make sure to get a smooth one that is long enough to support your back from tail to head so you can do the ‘snow angel’. 10/10 excellent way to strengthen and stretch for overall better posture and less pain.

Fitness bands. Maybe it’s predictable, but PTs, chiros, everyone uses these things and there’s a reason. They are efficient and easy to use. You can’t really mess it up and if you drop it on your foot you won’t be limping for days. So if you don’t have a set, maybe it’s time. This set is super cheap and effective enough.

Exercise balls are great. Here’s why: a lot of people do hardcore stuff like crunches on the ball. But I like having one of these so I can roll it up the wall. Because it’s big, when I roll it up the wall it forces my posture to improve and activates all the little muscles that get neglected. 10/10 smart buy. Plus, they are kinda fun to sit on if your desk is the right height.

Sugar is everywhere, right? People often ask me how I avoid it. This brand of xylitol is my secret weapon to staying so sweet.

Looking to step into Yoga? You might pick up these cards developed by the long-time, no-nonsense Kino Yoga. Based out of Miami, Kino produces tons of useful info on how to get into and hold postures for all levels.

If you find yoga especially challenging, this text is a great resource for breaking down poses with modifications that make them way more accessible, easy to get into and hold. In the back, there are sequences designed to address specific issues/concerns.

Everyone and their grandma has an opinion about yoga mats. This model is super thin so you can roll it, fold it, and take it on the go. It won’t provide any cush for your joints tho. This is one I use. The company has a very generous return policy.

If you are looking for a thick yoga mat to keep your joints protected, then this model is the one for you. I can tell you it’s true because my spouse loves this one. Same great return policy.

Your elders were right – Epsom Salts are awesome. I buy this giant bag so every long soak is prepped out with enough to melt pain away. 10/10 good stuff

Heating pads. Sometimes the only thing that takes the edge off. Honestly this particular one is just alright – probably there are better ones out there, but it’s affordable.

You are likely to receive a TENS unit if you are in serious ongoing pain. Often chiropractors prescribe them. There is science showing that if you operate a TENS unit in an area where you experience pain for at least 40 minutes you can actually disrupt the nerve sensation pattern for a sustained period of time. Probably worth the twenty-some dollars these units sell for. This particular model is very popular. I have some settings modifications I can share if you get this model.

SUPPLEMENTS: If you ask me, I’ll give you some real big opinions about alternative medicine – mostly negative. I’m not a fan of BS. At the same time, placebo works. If you believe in something, odds are it will provide what you are looking for. But at the end of the day, I’m going to side with evidence based products and practices. So here are some things you can ingest that MIGHT help with injury recovery, reducing inflammation, and general health. I am not a doctor and am not providing medical advice. All of these suggestions are things that I tried. Some of these are not the exact product I tried and I will identify those so you can be aware. I can’t vouch for any product. Buyer (as always) beware.

I get asked about anti-inflammatory diet tricks a lot. Rhodiola Rosea is one that doesn’t taste great (follow and subscribe for more honest 1st hand reviews LOL) but I found it made a difference.

Moringa is another anti-inflammatory supplement to consider. I honestly buy it when I see it at grocery outlet. I haven’t tried this particular brand.

In lab studies, Kudzu Root was shown to have some anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. So that’s pretty cool. Like a lot of supplements, this isn’t the best tasting thing ever. The powders usually are cheaper than capsules. You probably won’t taste it much in a smoothie.

Ashwagandha . Are you kidding me? This stuff is great. A lot of folks use it for depression and anxiety. So it has bonus benefit. Especially if you are recovering from injuries – the process can be so fatiguing and frustrating that it’s easy to get depressed or feel like maybe it will never end. There’s a local Portland company that makes fresh tinctures – Portland Ashwagandha Farm. It can be a little pricey tho so I usually get this bottle variety to save some coin.

Some old timers will know what I’m talking about when I say Curcumin is AWESOME. Tumeric Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory known for probably all human time. Obv you can up your tumeric intake through cooking, but taking a direct optimized supplement ensures you get max impact.

Quercetin has lab results showing anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities. I mean, why wouldn’t you add that to your diet? It’s not a thing I do every day, but it’s nice to have on the shelf for an occasional booster.

Reishi Mushroom is another one of those things I’ll usually keep my eyes peeled for a deal at grocery outlet. They sometimes have this linked brand. Again, not awesome for flavor but that’s the trade off. Feel good, taste terrible – haha

Shilajit is a supplement more common outside of the US. It can be used in ayurvedic treatments and there is no scientific evidence. People claim it boosts immunity and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Maybe it’s worth a try. I dissolve a tiny nub in hot tea. It does have a flavor that may take getting used to.

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