I like your technique!


Fingers like feathers, but she gets into the spots that need it.


That was so good I feel drunk!


You make me feel very comfortable. I took a nap!


You do very good job – make me feel very comfortable.

Jane Sullivan

Just had my first massage with Ms. Julie. Amazing, skilled, intuitive work! I feel so much better than my usual knotted-up mess!

MF McAuliffe

Amazingly effective – Julie has returned my much-abused neck-shoulder muscles twice now. I can tell now when I am stressing them too much. Julie’s intelligent & intuitive massage is *so* worth the time you take!


Big change in my posture and how I feel overall since Monday! Thank you for sending the stretches, too. Thanks again for the great massage – game changing!


Julie is a licensed massage therapist! Doing hair all day and playing music my back always is angry. I went to her and she sorted me right out! Truly best massage I have had in ages, she listens thoroughly to your needs before getting started. I highly recommend her to all and she does great deals for first time clients! Thanks Julie! You are an angel!

Vickie D

Julie is a woman of integrity with the highest of principles. I truly recommend her work.